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Assistant Professor (Davidson College)

Child Development

Is Nature vs. Nurture the Wrong Question?: Topics in Cognitive Development (Upper Level Seminar)

Developmental Research Methods

Visiting Assistant Professor (Swarthmore College)

Developmental Psychology - Course Evaluations   Unedited Evaluations

Research Design and Analysis 

Seminar in Developmental Psychology: Language Learning and Development - Course Evaluations  Unedited Evaluations

Mini-Seminar: Research and Debate in the Age of Twitter

First-Year Seminar: Is Nature vs. Nurture the Right Question?: Topics in Cognitive Development - Course Evaluations  Unedited Evaluations

Lecturer (The University of Chicago)

Is Nature vs. Nurture the Wrong Question?, Undergraduate Seminar - Course Evaluations  Unedited Evaluations

Teaching Assistant

The Psychology of Decision Making  (The University of Chicago)

Introduction to Developmental Psychology (The University of Chicago)

Psychological Statistics (The University of Chicago)

The Science of Psychology (Columbia University)

Teaching Awards and Professional Development

John Dewey Prize Lectureship (The University of Chicago)

Pedagogical Approaches in Psychological Science (The University of Chicago, course co-founder)

University of Chicago Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop and Seminar Series

Teaching in the College

Course Design

Individual Teaching Consultation

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